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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
coming up. in san francisco the average is $4.73 a gallon. just a week ago it was 505 less than that. the governor is asking the chaithe board to help lower prices. this is a live look at bill graham's civic auditorium where president obama will be speaking later today. they're broken windows from vandalism and that happened after an anti-war protest. >> the dow is up 39 points right now. big numbers on friday, a bit surprising drop in unemployment. this is a los level in 44 months. is this because people found work or st looking? >> we're not experiencing the same problems that europe is experiencing. it's better but we will live like for it to get even better. we are above the 7% mark, i would not call in great numbers i would call them good numbers. >> people from the obama camp for saying they were going to get unemployment down to less than 7% before the election. >> data can be manipulated, but i won't say that it is not. we all know people that don't even go to file unemployment so the numbers could be wrong in the first place. it's higher than it should be in the united state
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
this afternoon. >> he is also-he has--'arrived'.. is a big fan. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. perhaps an easier way to watch the show with so much traffic and a saving gasoline. >> is feeling his oats >> president obama is firing back at mitt romney after the seemingly uninspired performance during the presidential debate. and what the president is doing differently on the campaign trail. >> this is the president that most people decree did not show up. an animated, forceful, and taking shots at is a candidate. but he said that he would get rid of planned parenthood funding. apparently, this with big bird is driving the deficit in rallies are completely different events from a presidential debate. body language, now cured the my opponent has been trying to do a two-step and reposition. and he has an extreme make over. mitt romney was checked by his campaign. >> and also talk about his 47% fund-raiser that never was mentioned. >> real change takes time and it certainly cannot happen if you are going to write off one of thalf the nation before you take office. >> pe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2